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BI Solutions that
Make Your Data Work Harder

Transform your data and get better insights

At Fortude, our business intelligence consulting and solutions will help you and your colleagues visualize data to identify trends and anomalies at the most intuitive level instantly. Our business intelligence tools can transform your data into meaningful, useful information so you can make smarter decisions.

The right solution for your industry

Fortude will create data visualization dashboards to suit your industry and allow you to obtain relevant, timely and critical information needed for corporate decision making. We have experience in implementing BI solutions worldwide across the manufacturing, Fashion, Food & Beverage, and Healthcare industries.

Specialized team to cater to your needs

Our specialized Business Intelligence team has wide cross-industry experience and includes a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with immense experience in the area.

Visualize your data

Take a look at the different BI solutions we offer

Our dashboard and visualization platforms automatically select the best format for presenting your data. You can make your dashboards interactive. Use our time-slider tool and drill-downs to explore how changing variables changes results.

Contact our Business Intelligence solutionists, and see how Fortude can help your organization find meaning in your data.

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